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Why Choose Us

We believe in uncompromised Quality- and that makes all the difference in the world.


Alghazaleen is manufactured by the family company, Akbar Brothers Ltd., the largest exporter of teas in the world.


Our team comprises the best of the best. Mr. Joseph Sinnayah has been a part of Akbar Brothers since inception and is the first Sri Lankan Tea Taster to be honoured with the title of World’s Best Tea Taster in 2014, among his numerous other accolades.


Alghazaleen stands firm in its promise to deliver first-class quality and is a proud recipient of international quality standards certifications from respected international bodies.

100% Pure Ceylon Tea

This Lion logo is a symbol of quality for tea that is exclusively grown, picked, manufactured and packed only in Sri Lanka. The tea is assessed by an independent panel of tea tasters sponsored by the Sri Lanka Tea board, in partnership with an analytical laboratory. The franchise rights for the use of this logo are only awarded to exporters for their branded products requiring them to conform to the strictest guidelines. Since Alghazaleen is endorsed with the Lion symbol, you can rest assured that you have chosen 100% Pure Ceylon Tea.

What Goes Into Our Blends ?

Knowledge and expertise of a family of tea enthusiasts since 1907
Only the finest of 100%
Pure Ceylon Tea
A delicate balance of tested flavours to enhance your daily cup of tea
The promise to deliver the best cup of tea
you have ever tasted